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    leaving in 3 weeks/help pls

    Alright, I just found out that I'm going to Dominican Republic in like three weeks. Right now I'm on a cycle that consist of test enenthate200 running it at 600mg/week and I have only two weeks left. I gained about 22-24lb of muscle and about 5-7 pounds of fat. I'm around 235lb.
    Ok my question is, I want to get realy cut, have some Clenpump(Ventipulmin) at my bro's house, should I add this to the rest of three weeks and cut down on carbs & calories? I was thinking maybe one week of clen /one week ECA/last week clen with 4-5 day's a week of cardio(in the morning).
    I'm going only for a week, so my clomid therapy would start the week after my trip. I know three weeks is very slim but i'm sure I can loose a couple, any suggestion??

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    try doning cardio everyday.. and cut down the carbs.. if ur that desperate.. do 0 carbs... but a week of clen .... its realy quetionable.. try 2 pumps first day 3 pumps second day... doeses gotta be high so it can be effective.. wont cut u up much but u can shed almost 4 pounds along with a 0 carb diet. fats and protien are okay.

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