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    post cycle planning and results

    Just finished an awful cycle, using ** products all the way through, SUS, EQ,DBOL ,WINY, (16 total weeks) dont ever use that shit if you can help it! I heard people say its a dice roll depending on the batch, but stick with the real deal trust me. I gained 15 lbs and maybe 25 lbs on my bench, but that could be done with a shit ton of protein and creatine. I dont even think it was real half the time the blue winny gave me more acne than the dbol and test combined. anyways i messed that one and am waiting my 8 weeks to start another of just sus and dbol (name brand this time) I have a 4 month window untill i get tested for steriods next and am pretty much stuck in the TEST option a guy at the local gym got his hands on Cytohoh or however you spell that, i know its supposed sustanon so would a guy at 290lbs be ok taking 250 twice a week for ten weeks, i need atleast 20 lbs. I know what im doing for the most part but am thrown for a loss when it comes to dosages because im bigger than most guys. anyways throw me a line bros let me know if i can make up for this shitty ass year and maybe turn it around.


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    hey bro, I'm currently on a Sus/Russian D-bol cycle and week 4 started Friday and I'm already up 15lbs and strength gains are through the roof. I'm taking 250mg/week of Sus and 50mg/everyday of D-bol. Go with the Russian D-bol, its real good stuff!!

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    i love those cyctahohs, those things gave me 40lbs in 10 weeks, ,and russian dbols are a treat too, good luck

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