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    vinnie umybiatchi is offline New Member
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    Nov 2002

    clomid only ye*****ound???

    i'm assuming most of the bros here don't have much experience with this since they mostly use clomid only for post-cycle recovery, but you're all experienced and i have a question:

    i'mn 22 and have good genes and am still putting on quality mass the natty was after 3 years of hardcore lifting. i've been considering doing oxandrolone now since i hear it's easy on the body and gives keepable gains

    but i've also heard that clomid by itself will boost test levels by ~100% even in men who don't have shutdown of the hpta and are healthy. does anyone think that taking clomid only ye*****ound might be a good way for me to get a little bit of an extra edge in terms of muscle gain, confidence, etc? obviously not big gains, but maybe a few extra pounds of muscle per year with normal lifting and a good diet would be nice. i'm still yound and i just don't want to fuck myself up yet if i haven't yet hit a training plateau

    would there be any sides to this?

    anyone with any info please respond!

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    greekmuscle is offline New Member
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    Nov 2002
    kind of a pussy move, but youre still young so i kind of see the point

    will clomid only give you gains? no, not in large amounts. it might well double your natty test. you probably will grow faster and feel more confident, aggressive, etc. but comparing it to ox is insane.

    cons: acne, and ye*****ound. just like when you were 13. also, expense.

    this might not be a bad idea if you can live with these. you will grow faster and feel more aggressive in the gym, both good things. i respect you for wanting to hit your natural "plateau" til you cross over to the darkside. but don't be afraid to do the real thing when the time is right

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    greekmuscle is offline New Member
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    Nov 2002
    i think there's some info on this subject over at elite, as well

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    Clomid year round would make me a total emotional wreck. I'd be tying a noose by week 4.

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    greekmuscle is offline New Member
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    Nov 2002
    yeah but remember, that might just be due to the fact that test levels are so low post-cycle. starting from a normal test level, i'm curious as to whether the emotional effects would be present

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    It'll make you bust massive loads too all ye*****ound. Thats about the biggest plus I could see from running it year round. Your girlfriend can start calling you "the decorator".

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    the decorator . lol funny but true bro
    Hey i dont think it's worth it myself i would go with the real stuff or stay totally nat .One or the other besides what does natural mean anyways right .If i buy prohormones that means i ma natural .Even if that shit made me gain 10 temporary lbs . See what i mean .

    You would be taking in a drug and on top of it, a drug that fucks with your hormones .Thye have some sides as stated and from what i have heard they make you emotional of course we are talking post cycle but nonetheless some guy's have gone with nolva and has not had the emotional sides nearly as much so maybe it's not all due to the lower test levels at the time .I dont know for sure .

    I would definitely go on a small cycle when ready. In my opinion if your ready to screw around with drugs then you are ready for AS . drugs are drugs to a certain point imo . just make sure you educate your self as to which ones are best with least sides for what your concerns are .

    Hey if you want to stay naturall i think thats cool but if your going to start messing around with some of that shit then do it right and do it so it's at least worth it(gains).

    OK i will shut up ,peace

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    Just out of curiosity where did you hear clomid would increase test levels by 100% in men that have normal levels. Is there a study to back that info up?

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    I wouldn't waste my money on clomid for a whole year and just using that, stay natural for another couple of years or untill you have exhusted your genetics and then move to the dark side...i applaud you staying natural and knowing the risks involved in juicing in earlier part of the 20's, great work Bro, keep it up and get a little bit more out of it natural way...peace...XXL

    All of the Statements made by Mr. Mike_XXL are purely fictional and have absolutely no merit and are not meant to cure, prevent or diagnose any disease, please consult your Physician before starting any exercise and supplement regiment.

    Canadian proud, Northern muscle baby!

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    same as 6-oxo alone.. it makes little sense. you will need those estrogen levels because estrogen is important to your gains. clomid does not increase test 100% in naturals. maybe LH levels... maybe.

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