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Thread: Test200 advice?

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    Test200 advice?

    I shot myself in the ass with test200 its my 3rd will be my 4th...the site where i did the 3rd shot is itching....and you can sorta feel a lump but not as big as the day after i shot myself..whats going on? and todays shot should i do it in the same place or on the other ass cheek? Any advice?? thanks...another ? while im at it..I got some Primo in today ...should i combine it with the test?

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    This will help greatly: Run hot water over the syringe..not the needle for about a minute, massage the area you just injected, and rotate glute sides. You will feel a difference.

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    hey bro, i just recently got off of a t200 cycle and i stuck to my chest and delts these were bareable. glutes werent too bad but quads hurt like a mofo. what i did that helped was right after a shot i took a hot shower and massaged the area with hot water on it for about 5-10 minutes. this stuff is just gonna hurt either way tho. good luck!

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