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    High dose prop/ Couple Q's

    I am doing a prop/fina cycle in a couple days and i'm still playing with dosages. My last cycle was about 1gram of test. I'm thinking i'll do that much prop. jProbably 150mged.
    What kind of side effects does prop give at high doses.

    What's the most you guys have done before? How were the results vs the side effects?
    Thanks guys

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    Same sides as lower doses just much more pronounced. You are going to need to be on an anti-e.

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    Good call Rickson, fina and Prop both have been known to cause some serious gyno problems, even for guys that normally don't get gyno. both are fast acting AS, and I would dare say that is probally why alot of guys have problems with them. Other long lasting esters, have time to work into your system, and your body doesn't have to deal with a bunch of test esters, that it has to convert to estrogen, because you body is saturated with test.

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    Use some ldex or femara and you'll be fine.

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