i'm currently on my first week of my cycle
which looks like this

1-10 deca @ 600 per week
1-10 of entah @ 750 per week
2-5 a-bombs @ 50 per
7-12 tren @ 75 every other day
and slin everyother day at 5iu's in the morning and 5iu's in the afternoon
and of course clomid and hcg at the end and nolv on hand..
everybody is probably thinking why i;m doing a-bombs on week 2-5.. from past experience i notice that when doing d-bols i get the most of it when the test and deca as well the d-bols works together... if i do the a-bombs the first week the test and deca haven't kicked in yet... if i do it the second week it would give me about a week where the a-bombs would work by itself giving me the kick start i need. by week 3 the deca and test should kick in furthering my growth.. I also notice that by the third week of d-bols or even a-bombs you don't really gain any weight and the side tend to increase...

my question is would it be a good idea if i took the a-bombs @ 25 in the morning and 25 at night? this would give me a constant dosage throughout the day? or should i just up the dosage to 100mg and do 50mg in the morning and 50 at night?

also i want to link this cycle to my next one... my plan is 12 weeks on and 12 weeks off... but if i shot one sus per week during my 12 weeks off would this be a good idea?? just wanted some input