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Thread: Short cycle

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    Short cycle

    I've done a couple of sus/dbol cycles over the last 2 years before I had an ACL operation and injured my shoulder. I lost alot of weight as a result of both those injuries and I'm now looking to put on 10-15lbs and get back some of the weight I lost (I weigh 180 now). I was thinking of a couple of short cycles with one or two weeks off in between:

    Weeks 1-3: 35mg dbol per day
    Days 1 and 11: 500mg sus
    Days 2, 5, 8 and 11: 100mg test prop
    Weeks 1-4 : 50mg Clomid ED
    Day 8: 2000iu hCG
    Week 4: OFF
    Weeks 5-7: Repeat weeks 1-3
    Week 9: 50mg Clomid ED

    I wanted to stick to AAS with short half lives so that it would kick in from day 1 and then clear out pretty quick from the end of week 3, hence the dbol and prop. And I though that spreading the prop injections out would help maintain an steady(ish) level of AAS in the blood for 3 weeks. However, I put in the sus because by my reckoning blood levels would have dropped significantly by the end of week 3 (and I happen to have a load of it left over - okay so that's not the greatest reason to use it, but if it does the job?)

    I've never taken Clomid during a cycle (usually tack it on the end of an 8 week cycle 50-100-50 style) but I thought it might be worth it since it's only a 3 week cycle? If this is bollocks tell me and I'll save my money :-)

    I didn't want to take the hCG at the end of the cycle as I thought it can restrict LH levels getting back to normal, so I put in one shot in the middle of the cycle to try and keep my nuts from shrinking. I've done smaller hCg injects ED and EOD before, but since it's such a short cycle I thought that EOD might be a bit overkill for such a tiny cycle.

    All constructive comments gratefully received!! Cheers. AnimalHungry

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    Well i will give you that you planed out a pretty complicated cycle pretty well. But Why? Why not just do 1 10-12 week cycle?2 weeks "off" time isnt enough to even come close to restring your HTPA so why do it? oh and Sus doesnt even kick in untill late week 4. IMO clomid during a cycle is a waste....
    If your set on doing a short cycle with short acting esters do somehthing like this:
    Prop 100 mg EOD weeks 1-6
    D-Bol 40mgs weeks 1-4
    Fina 75mgs EOD weeks 4-8
    Very cheap, effective, and very quick acting... Just my .02

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    It takes too long for small cycles to clear. You are basically doing one long cycle where you don't take any hormones for a couple of weeks then start back. Not a very effective way to cycle.

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