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    prop anvar clen cycle?

    I'm about to start a cycle of anvar and test prop and I was wondering if it would be better to run the prop ed or eod (mixed opinions on the board)? My first cycle was not that hard (7 weeks of winny and tren ) so I thought eod at 100mg would be enought to give me solid gains. What do you guys think? Also I have clen leftover from my last cycle and I was wondering if clen would keep prop water retension down?

    p.s. I got my test prop (qv) for 9 dollars a bottle in TJ yesterday

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    lol, lucky bastard(nice price on that prop), and personally i would run it at 50mg/ED, more frequent blood levels is always desirable, but then you also run the risk of more sites of infection, but you need to weigh the benefits yourself, good luck bro

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