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    Question Cytomel, Clen, & Wintrol Tabs Cut Cycle

    I have been through a cycle of deca /dbol & another of sus/dbol before in the past. I am 5' 11" and 190 pounds. I wanted to do cytomel , clen , and wintrol tabs, an all oral cut cycle. I only have clen tabs (british dragon) at .04mg per tab, but can get Spiropent (europharm) @ .02mg per tab. Which is better. Also, I am curious that since the clen is in such a low dose per tab, then would taking a lot of Clen tabs per day be unsafe. I have only wintrol tabs from (british dragon) at 5mg per tab, but can get Zambon Winstrol tabs @ 2mg per tab. Which is better.
    What I mean is at 60 to 100 mg of clen per day with .04mg per tab, that's about 15 to 25 tabs per day, which to me sounds way too many.
    This is how I have it structured:
    Week (all is ed)
    1 60 mg Clen
    2 80 mg Clen
    3 100 mg Clen & 15mg winstrol tab
    4 50 mcg Cytomel & 15mg winstrol tabs
    5 50 mcg Cytomel & 20mg winstrol tabs
    6 100 mcg Cytomel & 20mg winstrol tabs
    7 100 mcg Cytomel & 60mg Clen & 20mg winstrol tabs
    8 80mg Clen & 20mg winstrol tabs
    9 100mg Clen
    Any reconstruction of this cycle would be greatly appreciated. Any shortening or lessening of doses would be great as well if anyone feels it would still be effective.
    Also, during or after this cycle, should I use any clomid, nolvadex , arimidex .


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    Slow up brother... First off If you take 15 to 25 of those clen pills you are going to end up in the hospital...

    They are .040mcg tabs and they are potent...

    The highest I've dosed on clen is 120mcg with using .020mcg tabs... That's 6 tabs and that was plenty for me... Hands were shaking like a MOFO and body temp. was increased...

    PLus you're running it with T3 and the two work well together so the effects will be increased....

    I'd start off with 2 tabs of the clen and bump it up a tab a day until the sides are almost to much... You'll probably only need 4 tabs a day of the .040mcg clen at the most...

    Also I would run the Clen & T3 together starting on week 1 with the Winny and you should bump the Winny up to 50mg a day to spare muscle lost from the T3...

    Run the clen 2 weeks on 2 weeks off with either ECA or NYC stack on the off weeks...

    And you'll want to slowly taper off your T3... DONOT just stop taking it after reaching 100mcg.... You need to come back down slowly...

    There's a good thread on here by Cycleon about how to cycle T3... I suggest you read it in full before you start your cycle...

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