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Thread: O No Gyno????

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    Angry O No Gyno????

    .Im very nerves about gyno...let me give you a little history, I did a couple "get comfortable with gear cycles" I did deca 300mg per wk sustanon 250 500mg per week....I didnt have any clomid or nolva....I went on a 4 week break and for the last 6 weeks I have been taking fina 150 eod EQ 400mg per week and prop 400mg per week...about 2 and a half weeks ago I noticed a small ball in my right nipple its sore to the touch and even worse on my mind...this shit has me stressed...I got my hands on some nolva and have been taking for 2 weeks...still sore and Im not sure if it growing in size..I dont think so...but I try not to touch it...this shit has me loosing sleep I toss and turn all night praying my girl doesnt lay her head on my chest....what should I do cut gear intake???? get some new shit???? start looking for sports bras...let me also ad I think Im pron to all side...since starting the fina cycle my acne on my sholders ab back is getting a little workout partner on the same shit gets no pimples...Please help me...I was thinking about going to see my doctor but that would have to be after my cycle...I would like to go another 4-5 weeks..(without titties).any info would be great.

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    Fina is converted to progesterone, not estrogen; so if the gyno is coming from that, you'll need bromocriptine.

    Try and find it. if your really worried, I would discontinue the prop. EQ is very mild and does not aromatize easily o chance of gyno from it are rare. The fina is progesterone related so if it is the test prop, discontinuance should help. Any other test would not leave the system for around 2wks but props ester creates very short half life and should leave the body quick.

    Start nolva at 40mg a day untill signs go away and be looking for bromo

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    Hey bro, sorry to say but it sounds like gyno. No flame but this is what happens when u dont have enough information about using AS. Stay on 20mgs of Nolvadex throughout the rest of ur cycle. And id also run it post cycle along with Clomid. Two weeks isnt long enough to be running Nolv to see any relief. It might take 2 - 4 months so be patient.


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    Get the bromo asap!

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    how long does it usually take for bromo to relieve signs of gyno?

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    my buddy saw results in like 4 or 5 days

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    Will bromo actually reverse gyno? My roomate ended up having surgery for his (this is after 12 years of juicing with no anti e's), and I really wouldnt want to go under the knife if I ever showed signs of getting it (fingers crossed!)

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