I've figure out how to get the cycle I sent you personally on here. You'll know where I'm coming from if you have that intro to nutrition under your belt and you probably know most of this already but this might help someone else too, ready! here you go...

Real quick and I hope my dyslexic ass can convey this rule of thumb to my experience type of jargon.
I'll give you a standard zig zag later but a high production of lean muscle mass, well... takes the hours of the day into consideration.
Keep me in the same category with your self because weather your just starting or five years on AS when you are at my experience you'll still feel like a dumbie because you should have figured it out faster.
Getting back into diet plan from a... grand mmmm... doughnuts, or mmmm... burgers/fries...
I love to eat... and still to this day but when I diet I have to get my second personality to come out like a drill sergeant.
The first thing I do is to cut out the refined sugars, and then a week or two I say good by the saturated fats. Then I start a "no" process food consumption and load on complex carbs from rice and potatoes (watch out for roots... (ex potates, carrotts, beats) if you dont time a root (complex starch) in the day you could go to sleep and add a 1lb of water and fat just dreaming... And after about 6mo of dreaming you'll wake up to a nightmare of some fat fuck in your bed, cause its you. OK... ok... I'm a tangent, ADD, pin cushion.
Ok most important the prot-ein... every bodies different... I use an array of predigested <a href="http://www.allsportsnutrition.com/listproducts.php?style=category&value=PROTEIN" target="_blank">protein</a>s (nitro-tech/ABB drinks, optimum, celltech) when you don't have money I can tell you the cheapest shit I've used.
But for prot-ein intake? I am very stern when I say never go below 1g per lb of body weight. I never drop lower than 1.5g per lb. OK quick growing schedule never go below these P-1.5-2g per/lb...Carbs (all starches and sugars).5-1.5g per lb.....Fat never go over .5g per lb unless your dropping carbs in place of monounsaturated fat.(there are good fats that your body loves to use as fuel and more efficient than some carbs...
Ok a little confusing...but I can explain
Carbs-when your on should be if sugar-only simple sugar (fruits veggies) if starch-try non-process if possible (rice, grains,)
Protein- (whey, soy, or casinates-well first start by eating real food then add the predigested amino "prot-ein" if beef keep it lean cut(no fat) chicken (baked, grilled, boiled), fish(anything you can stand just watch out for blue cat, I swear there’s more fat than muscle in that boy)
Fats-(no saturated) the only thing you should shove down your gutter is mono and poly unsaturated fats.
Quick school...saturated fats are from your animal products the fat off meat in dairy, plan and simple the fat your made up of. (Monounstaurated-ex...omega3, flax seed, natural seed oil) (poly-ex... green leaf plants)

When cycling there is a common rule of thumb 4000 and higher and you have to grow...fat or muscle... Well... that’s up to your dosing, that’s right think of eating just like your dosing, nailing, popping act.
I train a body part every four days and hard day are still and have always been leg day and back/chest...
Light days are arms and days off day.
Fuck my training though... for you on your
: Heavy days-4000-5000 calories
Light days – 2500-3500 calories
Ok simplify even more for growing not cutting keep it around 5000-4000 calories.
Cals per gram of PCF: 1gram carbohydrate = 3.75 calories /1 gram prot-ein = 4 calories/ 1 gram fat = 9 calories /1 gram alcohol = 7 calories

Now that should help you calculate your grams per day but keep on reading, I know my long winded ass and fucking spew...

Now, time of day important its not easy getting 5000 calories in your body a day. So on the heavy days start early... if you do cardio in morn make sure on growing cycle this early consumption is after the cardio. In the morning get a whey per. digest. so it gets into your body quick then tri and start a schedule that is consistent to eating every two hours, make sure you have a cut off point of real food consumption in the evening the last thing is make sure up intake a slower metabolized proet-ein before bed... so use a casinate(egg prot-ein is what I use)
You want fast metabolizing prot-ein before and after work out…(whey drink)
"Casinate the last intake" you want your body to recover but not turn fast metabolizing prot-ein into fat storage so use a slow metabolizing to feed you through the night

-Prot-ein in morning
-Rest of day you should have balance of carb (simple & complex), <a href="http://www.allsportsnutrition.com/listproducts.php?style=category&value=PROTEIN" target="_blank">protein</a> (soy & whey) and fat (mono and poly unsaturated)
-Fast metabolizing <a href="http://www.allsportsnutrition.com/listproducts.php?style=category&value=PROTEIN" target="_blank">protein</a> before and after work out at least 1hr 2 is good before workout/ after workout (a dextrose/fast -prot-ein mix after work out no matter how many time you train a day)
Slow metabolizing prot-ein at night (casinate- egg whites, egg prot-ein)

NO REALLY…. IF YOU COULDN’T PLAN FOR THE DAY FOR WHAT EVER R<a href="http://www.allsportsnutrition.com/listproducts.php?style=brand&value=EAS" target="_blank">EAS</a> ON EAT SOMETHING , JUST DON’T NOT EAT, EVEN IF ITS BAD AND SATURATED WITH FAT DON’T STARVE YOUR BODY. AND ALWAYS GET YOUR PROTEIN IN. T3 IS NOT FOR NOVICE DIETER’S. YOU NEED TO GET STRICT AT SOME POINT IF YOU’RE GOING TO MAKE THE GAINS YOU WANT. I can give you my personal intake of these drugs but it will make things hard if you haven’t dialed it in with out any drugs…
I’ll send you my favorite zig zag diet that gets me into shrink wrap; it’s a bill Phillips ex. Works well for me. I’m not old school but I still have tapes of Mike Mentzer, Bill Phillips, and Dan Duchaine… the one and only’s