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    sustn 250 vs natural test production

    I heard that the average 25 year old produces about 70 mg of test per day. so that gives a total of 490mg per week. I am about to go on a sust 500mg a week cycle and am afraid that the only effects I will see is that my testes shut down and Im only marginally by 10 mg upping my test. Somebody lead me out of the dark please.

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    Where did you see that the average 25 year old produces 70mg of test/day? I know 21 year olds that have done 500mg/wk sust and made massive gains. So the statistics you are following are definitely off somewhere. Maybe it was 70mg/wk not day?

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    you are taking more than just the test correct? if not add some deca and d-bol in there...clomid at the end...sustanon should be taking maxamize the prop..but my first cycle i took 500mg per week and was just fine...Madmax..

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    test levels are measured in nano grams, average scale used 270 to 1200 ng/dl...
    average is around 500. just get a blood test and ask them to measure your test levels too. While low dosing I'll check my levels just to see. but you can't be on for a clean clear test,though. shit your doc will come back saying your off the chart in some cases .
    If your in a 700-1000 cat. like me you need to watch out for bitch tit. You also need to experiment with the higher androgenic lesser anabolic ones to find your A1 sauce. me personally will go ape shit on cyp or enanth, have to watch my dose. anadrol I don't use anymore but need low doses or get really out of control, too my standard, some dont care.
    truthfully most guys are in a 450 to 600 ng/dl range and the advice you get here will... should work for you...
    happy growing

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    It's approx. 70mg a week, not day.

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    Yep, MDMA got it right. 10mg/Day is the natural test production. If it was at 70mg, shit, we'd be taking a lot higher doses. Around 4 or 5g a week.

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