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    upping dose- shot question please help

    hey guys I am increasing my deca to 400/week and I need to know something.... should I go ahead and do it all on my normal Tuesday shot day? OR- should I split it into 2 days? Reason I even thought of this is because my syringes are 300ml so I have to do 2 anyway. Thanks.

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    Depends if you are running anything else with it??
    Also, how many cycles do you have under your belt?

    If you are runnning another injectable, stick with all 400 in a day. HEck at 400 a week you can get it all in in one day. Now if you were running it at 800 then I would say split it up in the week.

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    It's really what your comfortable with. Half-life of decca is long enough that one day would be fine but if you have to do 2 shots anyway, i would go with a Mon/Thurs. approach to keep levels that much more consistant.

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