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    Unhappy GYNO!!!....F*& it happening to me???

    Or am I tripping?? 9th day on 15mgs dbol and 400mgs test. TODAY I feel like my nipples are hard constantly.

    Is that what the beginnings/itching of gyno feels like? Or am I tripping....I do live in Va. and the weather is changing and shit...well it's cold now....I haven't even felt pumps off the little 15mgs of dbol.

    If that is the itching feeling should I....

    A. Drop the dbol.

    B. Just run my nolv. a few days and keep running everything?

    C. Keep the dbol and run nolv. throughout the rest of the cycle.

    D. Drop the Dbol and still run nolv. throughout the cycle.

    Thanks Fella's. I'm probably tripping.


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    ill roll with B. if gyno stops and then reoccurs, run through the rest of the cycle, C is also a good of luck (personally i think your probably just being paranoid because i live in chicago and have the same problems, actually i kinda like having hard nipples and so does my gf, lol]

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    Ha, ha

    I hear ya shit is always sensitive, I couldn't do no piercings or anything. But for piece of mind I'm stopping.

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    Stopping the dbol that is. I'll keep running the test and get some more nolv. just in case I need to run it through my whole cycle.

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    Run your nolvedex and stay on...
    I'll put it this way, so many guys are scared of bitch tit but if you had it your nipples would feel the same but under neith you can feel a lump, squeeze it...
    Just so you know there is always a small lump its your mammary gland but if it hurts when you squeeze it or its getting larger then its starting.
    When I first got gyno the nolvedex would shut it down, if you want the lump to totally subside you have to tapper down get off and admin about 20mg of nolva every day until gone, takes about 2-4 weeks... best thing to do is save up about 1,500.00 and have those puppies removed...
    But for the record... your tripping lad
    ps another little note... for some reason all my buddies including me got gyno on the left tit first, shit I never had it on the right... maybe some kind of blood flow issue... any way....

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