I injured my elbow area on my right arm at the beginning of last week and it is still bothering me. I was working my arms today and I noticed that when I was working my triceps there was a popping feeling in my elbow and it began to hurt. I have decided to take a week off and let it recover. I am currently on a cycle that looks like this:

Weeks 1-5 = 250mg/week of Sustanon
Weeks 1-5 = 300mg/week of Deca
Weeks 6-10 = 500mg/week Sustanon
Weeks 6-10 = 400mg/week Deca
Weeks 1-5 = 30mg/day of DBol
Weeks 7-12 = 75mg/eod of Fina
Weeks 7-12 = 50mg/eod of Winny Depot

My question is that since I am currently on a cycle, should I continue with the injections while I am recovering? I have already done one injection this week that consisted of 250mg/Sust and 300mg/Deca. Normally I would inject 250mg/Sust and 100mg/Deca on Thursday. Should I skip this injection or go ahead and do it?