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    questiojn about lifting while juicing?

    I know most poeple here lift each muscle once a week, i am changin my work out to that now, but when i am juicing it is ok to lift them twice a week, i will be doing a fina cycle and i want my strength to skyrocket so it wouldnt be bad to give my muscles a 72 hour rest right?

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    whatever works for you. everyone is different. you gotta try things out and see what is best for your own optimum growth. i know i can hit everything but legs more than just once every 7 days. takes me a bit to recover from a hard leg workout.

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    If you have to ask this question you have no business doing fina. Or any gear for that matter. It seems to me that you don't even have your workout down yet.

    Anyway to answer your question once a week is enough.

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    I do my muscles every 5 days.. Im off now, been off for 20weeks..But if I do another, I will do then every 4 days..

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    run fina 75 mgs. a day, everyday. Is fine the first for you?

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