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    Question Questions about my 2nd Cycle

    Im about to plan my second cycle and so far it looks like this:

    Test 400mg/wk wk 1-10
    D-bol 37.5mg/wk wk 1-5
    Winny 50mgED wk 6-12

    Clomid for post cycle. Also i was wondering whether to use the winny or go with clen for trying to harden up and cut down at the end of this cycle. Any suggestions??? Thanks!

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    Might be pretty rough on the liver going right from dbol to winny, but if your set on running it like that start the winny in week 7 and end in week 13, otherwise you would be starting clomid with some test still in your system. Winny will really help harden your gains, and clen is definitely not a replacement for it, but clen is great post cycle for shedding some fat and for it's anti catabolic properties.

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    Is injectable winny still hard on your liver bc that is what i will be taking?

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    Drop The D-bol and up the dosage of test to 600mg/week or you can front load test @ 800 mg for first 4 weeks then drop to 600 or 400 mg for the last 6 weeks!! A better approach to this would be to Take proprionate for first 4 weeks along with sustained enanthate dosage. Finish off with Winny!

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