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    Help me with this cycle!!!

    Im 6'0 210lbs 13%bf This will be my 3rd cycle int he last 2 years. check it out. Also this will be the first time i use deca . All these Are going to be ** products.
    wks1-10, 500mg/wk test cyp.
    wks1-10, 600mg/wk deca
    wks 7-12 50mg/day winny.
    clomid post, and nolva on hand.
    Since never using deca should i cut back on the dosage,
    Will running 10mg nolva ed be sufficient to keep a little of the bloat off.

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    Yes, cut back on the Deca ...I would use EQ if you havent already purchased it. Decas sides and effects on your HPTA out weigh its benifits! IMHO!

    EQ is amazing especially at 600mg. Sides are esily controled and its results are awsome and its not nearly as suppressive on your HPTA

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    Don't run nolv unless you get symtoms. Use armidex if you wanna keep the bloat off.

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