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    Spot injections & fina

    I am starting my next cycle it will be a 8 week fina/winny cycle. I was wondering if spot injetions would help with development of certian muscle groups. Do spot injections work with fina? Or should I just stick to glutes, delts and quads?


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    From what I have read, spot injections are not and more effective than doing glude shots? I think that a lot of people are 50 50 on this topic though..I am sure some people with give there opionion.

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    im a firm believer that it 'will not' help create true hypertrophy/plasia, i mean if you think about the shear mechanics of it, its hard to an esterfied steroid work: i.e. trenbolone acetate, before the trenbolone can bind to the AR the acetate ester must be removed, so regardless of your shooting it anywhere, that molecule must depot from the site of injection, flow throughout the bloodstream and have the ester removed by some type of mechanism/enzyme before it can even begin to bind, so you can inject your bicep everyday, but the likeless of getting the actual tren molecule(s) to that exact muscle is about the same likelyness of getting it in your pecs, or gluts for that matter, my point is that site injections cannot possibly work if your using an esterfied MUST pass throughout yout system and have the ester removed first, the only benefit which might be worth noting is the potential for expanding the muscle fascia (or sheath that cover the muscle), by tearing or expanding this cover, the muscle is left to grow bigger and has no boundary constaint...hope this helps

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    Good point djdj but Spot injectin with Fina for me. I was shooting my left tricep. It made the site swell up bigger..its been 2 months now since my last shot and I can say that it did get bigger than my right arm which was more bigger before.

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