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    anyone used ** accutane w/success?...

    ive been off completely for 2months and still have a ton of acne on my back and shoulders. retin-a doesnt do shit. thanks...

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    it worked for me. but i had to take 40mgsa day 20 mg's didnt work

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    ive used it but not much success i was up to 120 mgs a day, the key is to get some benzoly peroide soap and wash your back shoulders, face and dont buy soaps with "lipids are natural hydrants they make your skin greasy, retina is also good for drying the skin up you may need a higher dose

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    The Iron Game Guest
    Was on for about 5 months from 40-60mgs also on cycles during this time and it still cleared me up. Im now off cycle and stopped accutane and its slowly starting to surface again so ill be getting some more for me

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    The Iron Game Guest
    oops, I read the question only partially before no it wasnt ** it was Roche

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    some people dont respond well to acutane or any antibiotic for that matter because it is working from the inside, trying to control your hormones which are already screwed if you are on AS.
    so the deal is you need to keep your pores CLEAN. get neutrogena body wash or face creme with SALICYLIC ACID 2% and use it everyday on your body, this will help to prevent more from appearing. If you want you can try other antibiotics such as minocycline, erythromycin, or dynacin but they may be of no help. retin a is a creme this is used to make your skin flake of quicker, ie no skin no pimples. however, there are other cremes such as azalex, differin, or cleocin T which work to kill the existing pimples (white, black, and pink). So you may want to consider those.
    good luck
    hot compresses on the area area always good as well... do 10 mins few times a day ed

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