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    Question what will I need or am I ok?

    I know this is just asking to be flamed but I have my reasons for doing this..I want to do a dbol only cycle similar to the one done by KAZ 30mg dbol a day all done b4 12pm each day. This will be done for 4 weeks...Now first will I need clomid, second do I need an anti E. I'll be using milk thistle but would like some advice on how much to take and will I need something to help me from holding water or will I be ok. Also I would like to know what I will feel like well on it any difference I have heard dry mouth but anything else that you could tell me....Here is the link to KAZ's post

    thnks guyz

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    Dbol makes you hold water,gives you false gains.
    Im in no way trying to flame you but i cant see where a dbol only cycle would do anything keep-able

    BUMP for more peeps thoughts

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    I would use the clomid, I think the d-bol will shut you down at 30mg/day. When they use it for bridging they hold the dose down to 10mg. Have the anti-e's handy, take them if you start to bloat. I would just use the standard dose of milk thistle. Have nolva ready, too. I think its worth trying. If you could weigh yourself (unlike Kaz) that would give everybody a better idea of what to expect from this. I'd like to hear your results.

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    use an herb called MACA, keep nolva very handy and also some liquidex couldn;t hurt.

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    Watch your diet. Don't go crazy on french fries and soda, so bloat can be minimized. Nothing wrong with a Dbol only cycle if you are under 200lbs and have been training hard for quite sometime. It will increase recovery and protein synthesis. You will need Clomid post cycle.

    Dbol only, you would need more mg's/wk then if you were to stack it. At 30mg per day you are receiving 210mg of androgens per week... which might be okay... BUT -

    ... you have told us nothing about you

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    If this is a cycle then spread your dbol use out through the whole day. If this is a bridge then lower your dose and do it first thing in the morning when you wake up. Let us know what you intend with the cycle and as Warrior said more about yourself and we will be able to help you better.

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