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Thread: Lexapro?

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    went to see my doctor after picking up a lot of weight and feeling like shit for a long time after juicing, and he said i was depressed, already knew that though. and he prescribed me LEXAPRO.
    i'm guessing i never fully came back to normal after my last cycle becuz my clomid was fake. nonetheless, to get back in shape i'm startn a cutting cycle including HCG to get my balls back (not to cut) followd by T3, clen and an ECA stack.

    i was wondering if it is safe to mix T3, clen, HCG, and possibly some more "real" clomid with the anti depressant, LEXAPRO? or any anti depressant for that matter.

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    tomcat is offline Junior Member
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    Oct 2001
    lexapro's ingrediants are:

    escitalopram oxalate

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    Lexapro is the new improved version of an older drug Celexa. There should be no intersction between the substances you listed, but coming off the T-3 and clen may make your depression worse.

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    lexpro is a good choice ive been on it for several months and can tell a remarkable diffrence ive had no probs with it i began it at the tail end of a cycle good luck

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