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    AAS and height growth...

    No im not a teen. But im asking this mainly out of confusion and curiosity.

    They say things like test will cause u to stop growing taller after prolonged use. If somone were to do something like dianabol at a mild dosage for 8 weeks, would that be considered "prolonged" use? Or do they mean using AS several cycles every year for a few years?

    any replies would be cool.

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    thats a tough one. you would have to get your blood/liver levels tested to see how it affects you. it may not be too bad on your body and you can take for a long time. I wouldn't take it more than half the year (total cycles).

    taller? hmmm i dunno but i feel taller when i'm juiced. Maybe my abs and my back are stronger and i stand up straighter...some people say i look shorter cuz i'm wider...but enough about me.

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    big probs

    an 8 week cycle prolly wouldnt totally stop a person with any amount left to grow from growing, but it would definatly cost them. it would accelerate the closure of the growth plates.

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    if i'm not wrong once u had reached 25yrs of age
    then the process of growing stops and its a general factor accordinly to some studies,
    however there r some lucky people including myself, that can getaway with some stuff,
    i'm in my mid 30's after my 3rd cycle i gained 1/2 inch of height, my doc has records of it, and he told me, changes r ur growth plates were not completely closed, and resulted such gain, i'm not implying this happen by doing ROIDS, it's my experience only and i'm happy i gained size,weight
    and height too ......

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