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    Humalog and diet

    When we talk about Insulin and NO Fat during slin duration, are we talking about NOT eating red meat during insulin time, which has more fat than lets say chicken and fish?? Or are we talking about cleaning up the type of fat intake we can get from a poor diet, with chips butter, etc??

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    During its activity, you should stay away from fat. The moderate amount in a protein shake or something like that is ok, and lean fish or chicken (I actually use pork chops trimmed of all visible fat) is ok to eat within the activity of the slin post-shot. The nice thing about Humalog is that it is in and out quickly. So, within a couple of hours after your shot, you can eat some fat from red meat, etc. But DEFINITELY do not eat chips, etc. within the activity time of the slin. The slin will force the fat into your fat cells in much the same way that it forces glycogen (in the form of carbs) into your muscles. Do a search on Humalog and Humilin in the search field and you will find some threads from me, Mastiff, and ptbyjason. The one entitled, 290lbs. and stuck..., has some good info on diet and how to handle fat intake pre and post shot. Insulin .txt is of course another great thread. Any other questions, feel free to write.

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