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    I stopped mid cycle what should I do restart or clomid

    I was travelling and I stopped my sust winny cyckle. I was on it for five weeks and now I have stopped for a week while taking DNP , should I jump back on the band wagon and finish the remaining five weeks of winstrol .or go take clomid.

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    Were you planning on doing five weeks of sus and ten weeks of winny? Either way at this point I think you should stop do your clomid therapy in two more weeks and then put some research into your next cycle when you can complete it uninterrupted.

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    Bro, five weeks of sust is pointless. It doesn't even kick in for about 4 or 5 weeks. There is also no point in stopping your cycle in the middle and using DNP . What you need to do now isstop your cycle and take your clomid in about two more weeks (3 wks from last sust inj.) I would do more research and hit another cycle when you have at least a basic understanding of what you are doing. good luck

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    Keep going, the sust is just starting to do it thing.

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