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Thread: sleeping times

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    sleeping times

    anyone can give me an answer or good thread???

    does it matter if you sleep from 10pm - 7am or say 1 am - 10am, still getting the same amount of sleep just at different times.


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    ive wondered this as well, and i try to analyze as far as possible, so in the end i really dont think it matters, the only reason i question it is because my sleep patterns are extremely erratic, sometimes i sleep during the day, somethin all night, something 3 hours, sometimes 13...its strange, with an erratic sleep schedule i think it'll effect you negatively in the long run/take it toll, but i think if your schedule is somewhat linear and youre getting around 6-8 hours at least each night (controversial on how many hours your actually need) i think you'll be fine...

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    I have pondered on this too, I have never put any research into it though. I my mind I don't think it should matter unless there is some Physiological problems with sleeping during the day. But as long as you get the standard 7-9 hours of non interupted REM (rapid eye movement, I think that is what they call good deep sleep) sleep you should be all set. IMO


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    I have heard they are the same with recovery, but depending on where you live sunrise and tempeture change can take you out of that deep sleep a little earlier than you body wanted. I really would not worry about it though.

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