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Thread: winny question

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    winny question

    I am going to be shooting 50mg of winny ed in about 2 weeks when it comes up in my cycle. What needle size do you guys suggest and do you suggest I stick with just the glute or try multiple spots.

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    I have been able to get Anabolic ST through an insulin pin in some cases. There have been other times that I had trouble getting it out of a 23 ga. I would start with 23ga 1" if I were you. Since you will be injecting ED, rotate injetion sites. I like bi's/delts/quad/tri/glutes.

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    well if your doing ED your not going to stick your glutes 7x a week, so you dont have much of a choice BUT to shoot different groups, (or drink the stuff, personally id save the scar tissue, pain, and chance of infection and just drink it, im a firm believer that there is very little difference) nevertheless, try delts, tris, and quads...and as far as needle depending on your brand you can probably get away with a 25g no problem, some even use 27,28,29 but i dont find them long enough to hit the muscle belly...

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    first of alll,what brand of winny are we talking here?are we talking suspension ive used 27 and 28g no probs whatsoever.some use a slin pin.

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