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Thread: Mexi-pharm

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    Question Mexi-pharm

    just have a quick question, has anyone heard of a company named

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    internet co? Sounds like something I would stay away from.

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    no their legit... been around a few months I believe...

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    Ask a couple of Mods and wait for their answers before ording from them. Also just because a Mod offers their opinion dosen't mean it is legit. Often sources are good one day and scam the next...The best way to find a source is to stick around on the AR board..make a few friends, be patient and sometiomes good things happen. If you try to force it or let everyone know that you are in the market, you will get offers from 99.9% scammers.

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    I was worried too. I talked to 20 people before I started. I am in week 3 on 400Eq and 600 t200e.
    So far so good! I am cutting and still up 5 lbs.
    Check out this board. There is 100 posts on Mexi-Pharm.

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