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    decide to use t3?--help/advice appreciated

    Just wanted to say i'm new to this board, and by far it's the most informative and impressive than the other boards i've been involved with.

    My question is...I've been studying different people's opinions on T3..Some good some bad...I'm getting ready to do a cut cycle, I've done numerous mass cycles with wonderful results.. at my best i was 6'2" 315lbs benching 535lbs but ate everything under the sun..had a 40 inch waist. Had hernia surgery and a broken hand, so my muscle went down hill and my strength did as well... done 4 cycles since then, i'm at 270lbs right now, 36-37 inch waist... been dieting and cardioing for 4 weeks, lost 22 lbs.. I have winny/eq/test at my disposal, as well as clen and t3.. i'm taking this cutting cycle serious, the rest of em, i just usually get sick of by week 5 and eat like a hog...i'm getting married in 4 months and want to look great.

    I will continue to be a.s. free until i reach a plateau...but then i will start with a.s and hope to improve. If i take t3, tapered up and down, with a moderate level, (no higher than 50-75mcgs) will i gain a load of fat back while my thyroid is not active (the rebound)? I don't want to spend all this time working my butt off and then when the wedding comes around, look like a hog...

    some people have wonderful results others say it doesn't work..
    what do you people think and do you have any advise for me???
    thanks in advance.
    stay well

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    pm rickson on this one.

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    the matrix
    i would do some research on thyroid and thyroid production on the net.this might be an easy question for a doc but it depends on the rate your thyroid produces.i would get my bloodwork checked and ask a doctor.

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