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Thread: My first cycle

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    My first cycle

    Hows it going fellas

    I am 20 years old and 190 lbs with 7% body fat. I had a depressing slimup phase after seeing real good gains during the winter. I am about to start my first cycle. I will stack test, decca at first and then get on winstrol right before the summer. Is this a good stack and do i need to take anything with this to reverse side effects. I dont know anything about juice so if you have any info that might help me out, then i would appreciate it.


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    Re: My first cycle

    I dont know anything about juice...

    Cant say i'd recommend jumping into it if you dont know anything about it man, plus i think most would say wait at least 1 more year to give your body a good headstart on being in shape and letting your body finish growing. however to answer you anyway i think that Eventually that would be a good cycle but you cant minimize side effects too much, and everyone reacts differently depending on their dosage. but dont forget your friend clomid post cycle to restore your bodies' natural hormone test levels and help keep gains. plus an anti-e should you develop any sysmtoms of gyno.

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    hey bro definitely do research. I realize you want the easy way and get results fast but make sure you read up.


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