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    long cycles take a look

    i am on my last week of sust was not that impressed i was told it was fake although i did get great litfs while useing it i did not notice the so called text book mass gains i decided to make this a long cycle about 4 months sust was the base i rotated other gear around it like cyp for 9 wks at 400mg then enth for the same now i am in the last week of sust and have been playing with eq for about 1.5months fell good lean as hell diet is soso i am trying to pick it up so i gain more now i have added dbol 40mgs i will be taking eq and enth and dbol for atleast the next month as i have been told to get the best out of eq you gotta use it for a while no biggie i am in no rush so i now made it my base for a bit..... i still have win i want to do for the end with eq to stay lean and strong got lots of clomid ,nolva and hcg how long do you think i should do the post cycle treatment for as i have been playing for a while mods and senior members i would like to get your input i know what i must do but hey the more knowledge the better i feel great no RR (roid rage ) i think thats crap any way no dick problems strength is off the hook i don't feel like i am getting receptor downgrades although i am not a doctor lots of ala and glutamine plus cranberry pills.....
    thanks alot just trying to get bigg help a brotha in arms out

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    You don't need to know
    That sounds like a well planned cycle
    And you've been "playin" for awhile ???????????
    Your jokin....right ?

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    Re: long cycles take a look

    Originally posted by charley baltimore
    ..."strength is off the hook
    thanks alot just trying to get bigg help a brotha in arms out"
    Off the hook?

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    Why don't you post your cycle from day1, this is hard to follow.
    From what you wrote your cycle looks like this, but I just might not be following..............
    sust 1-16
    cyp 1-9
    enanthate 10-now
    eq 10-now
    and now your also adding dbol

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    Stuck under 135lbs. on th
    Ummm, what was the question? I think that is quite possibly the longest run-on sentence I have ever seen.

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    charley baltimore is offline New Member
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    that is pretty much what it is like i have wintsrol from spectrum 2- 20mls
    and 20ml prop still to play with

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    Period man, use periods, break it down and we will help ya, i am on a long cycle but i cant understand what the fuck you just said. Break it down for us

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