Please help i'm a new guy to the juice, I play football and I need info on how to lose wight by doing this cycle, and incorporating a clean diet and cardio.

I 've run sustanon 250 2x's a week for 5 weeks, winstrol every other day for the same 5 weeks, with teststorne enthanate 250mg 1 x a week.
I went from 6'1 270lbs 390lbs bench and 520 squat 23% body fat, to 6'1 290lbs 430lbs bench, 600lbs squat 19% body fat.

Now i want to run winstrol 1 cc every other day , and primo every other day for eight weeks. And clenbeutrol 4 pills every day for two weeks on, and two weeks off then two more weeks on.

thanks for any help...