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    gettin ripped off winny and clen

    Hey Guys,

    I booked a trip for Mexico for March 8th. I need to get shredded. I'm 6 foot 182 pounds with about 14-17% body fat.

    I just started doing clen , I'm on the 2 days on and 2 days off method taking about 100 to 140 mg each day. I also started takin winny 50 mg every third day. I have started a clean diet and try to do cardio about 20-30 min a day when my ass dosen't hurt from the needle.

    Two questions do you think I'll see good results and do you have any suggestions?????

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    move the winny to EOD, not every third day. and if your ass hurts, work through it, or shoot in your delts.

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    Hey man...just shoot yourself in the quads. It is my personal fav and its easy to do. Its right in front of you. As for your cycle, it looks fine just move the winny to EOD like Monstercojones1 said. Good Luck and have fun in mexico.

    PS: Buy me some gear

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