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Thread: anadrol ?'s

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    Cool anadrol ?'s

    i would like to know how well anadrol 50 works......i have recently acquired some and would like to see how it has worked for other people.....if you have taken please share your gains and comments.....thanks

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    Works good as a great kickstart while you're waiting for drugs to kick in, take 1 a day for 4 weeks. Maybe up the doses after the 2nd week if there is no sides. Make sure to stack it with something else or you will lose most of your gains. Gained almost 20lbs in 4 weeks and lost 5lbs 3 days after stopping and I was stacking with test and eq.

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    would much rather use dbol ,bro if its ur firt time usin frol DO NOT up it to 100 mg s!

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    I agree with big!! Well sort of...I like a-bombs but do not take 100 mgs. Stay with 50mgs, especially for first timer. Everyone is different. Keep us posted on the results.

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    I saw jack all from A-boms.

    But then again, they were made by Valopharm and I was only taking 1 per day. Knowing valopharm, they contained no sterroid or were very underdosed.

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    The A bombs gave me a great kick start!! i took 50mg for 2 weeks then increased to 75 mg for week 3 then decrease to 50mg for week 4....I experienced alot of blurred vision, minor headaces, and the worst was mentally...i felt the pills were screwing(paranoid) up my head, i just felt weird while taking those...i couldnt wait to get off and sure enough when i stopped, my clear vison and head became normal...that was my first time on a-bombs also...good luck

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    i felt great pumps...gained 15lbs in 3 weeks so far...strength thru the roof... imalso stacking w/. test and EQ... i only have one more week of them... i might up the doseage to 100mgs a day for mylast week... although ive noticed i hav some acne on my back and shoulders...good luck with them...

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