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Thread: help please

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    help please

    I just shot my 3rd shoot of sust deca combo, i know the normal pain but my ass is really killin, its very swollen, their isnt a diff in color the shot was on mon and the swellin started today what do i do, vets and mods please help anythin will be appreciated.

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    Dude, you're fine. Just feelin some side effects of the sus. I actually had to stop the Sus b/c the pain was getting way too bad. Everytime I shot it in my ass it would swell up huge within the next few days. Hurt like hell to run b/c it would jiggle, and hurt like a bitch to sit down comfortably. I even tried switching to my leg for 1 shot, but hell, that was a huge mistake. Had a damn limp for about 5 days. You're fine, just the price to pay for using the Sus is a lot of pain to deal with.

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    if it's not warm, then it should be ok. if it's warm, you have an abcess. you may still have an infection, but more than likely it's just sus pain

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    boo hoo ya little mary!
    j/k bro the shit hurts. its the price thats been paid by many.
    nothing a tylenol wont help though.

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    4Plates gotta laugh nice post

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