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    Question about 'novice' dosage

    I've been doing my share of research and have noticed a common theme with most cycle posts... if you are new, don't do much. Doesn't this go against the whole 'your first is usually your best' and 'your receptors are good to go on the first run! so hammer it!'???

    I mean I'm sticking with most advice I've been given and not 'over doing' it...but what is the purpose behind reducing the dosage for a newbie? Is it to alleviate some side affects that he/she may not be ready for? Or does it have something to do with the actual receptors being 'virgins' to juice, and it not taking as much to get the same results as a 'senior' using twice as much?

    Just curious...

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    the purpose is this....steroids are like coke....the more you use the more your body gets used to that means every time more and more to get the same effects...this is not the case for some but the majority it is...more is not always better...Madmax..

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