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    Thumbs down fuck!! injury!! need advice

    today i fucked up my neck pretty bad at the gym.... my chiropractor said my neck is the worse than anyone he's seen in 24 years except for people with arthritis... put it this way, he gotta put me asleep to adjust it tommorow because its gonna be too painful to do with anesthesia.

    anyways he said he'll fix me up, so thats good.... anyways, i can't lift for a week!! THIS SUCKS BIG TIME, I'M GOING TO CANCUN IN LIKE 4 WEEKS!

    I was gonna take winnys starting Sunday... so heres the question

    Should i still take them to help cut the fat?? I'm thinking NO, i should save them and do it right...

    but what do u guys think? will it help cut some fat without exercising if i diet correctly?

    Is there something better to take or just stick to the hardcore dieting?

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    bro, if you can't lift, then why even bother taking juice ???

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    Only gear that will really help you get cut without exercise is T3/Clen . Not that I would recommend this. AS won't really help you out too much if you can't workout. Sorry.


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    ah bro, my advice earlier to you was not to do this abbreviated cycle before your spring break. i am just shocked that after several opinions from myself and other bros you needed to sustain an injury to make you think about saving the winny for a later date...if you ask a question and don't respect the opinions of people who are only trying to help you then why ask in the first place? you are looking for an easy temporary solution to a minor want of yours, however proper diet alone won't give you the results you will get with intense training. you will end up doing what you want regardless of what we say, so my advice would be to use clenbuterol for 2 weeks and then an eca like hydroxycut for the last week before spring break.

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