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    bro's anyone ever LEAN UP WIT SUST??

    hey bro's a lot of guys i've talked to said after they did their sust cycle that they got a lot leaner and harder, while gaining good quality size and getting incredibly this a result that any of u guys have experienced?? if so what were ur b4 and after stats? lemme know bro's thanks

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    Shit.. if that were true Sust would be the only steroid that people would use.

    Sustanon is just a blen of various testosterone esters. In general testosterone is great for size/mass and strength.

    Test doesn't do much to lean you out. Nor does it do much to make for nice hard muscles.

    You can lean out on test, but that'd be because your diet isn't optimal and you'd get better results if you ate more.

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    Sus would make you more full and give you a bit of water retention, but not cut you up.

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    I agree with Got Gear, if you lean out on Sust, it's just because of your diet and cardio regimen. Sust or Test itself doesn't burn fat.

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    yeah....i agree with means that the test was extremely would mean that you burned way more cals pretty much then you took in....i always get a little more lean when i use test...that's cause i eat extremely clean....i've never gained a large ammount of fat on cycle...i dont spend my time at theory is why do something half ass....if that's the case dont do it at all....

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    For me it's one of the tests that cause less water and more leaness....that's why it's in my cycle below......but everyone is different.

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