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    crossing border by charter bus

    for all of you that have crossed the border by charter bus. do you get checked? i read a post on here that said that they just asked if you were a citizen, but a guy at the gym said that they take a picture of you and frisk you before you get back on. he said it was a bad idea to take a bus. i'm headed back down to mexico in about six weeks and don't know if i should take a charter bus, taxi, or walk it. i walked some across last time i went with no problems. any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    With most buses they will still run you through a check, it usually is not a prob walking across. Some times they will check the bus as soon as everyone gets off, check everyone, then let you cross the boarder.

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    gooood idea. i would put my gear in my baggage on the bus and then cross.

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    Hmm that's not a bad idea, ill pull some 007 stunt and attach my gear under the bus so i don't get busted.

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