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    Angry All Newbies PLEASE Read !!

    I don't even know where to begin..........So many posts seem to go like this..........I'm in the middle of my cycle of Test , Eq ...blah blah blah , should I take clomid and when should I start ? Or , I'm running winny 50mg ed what else can I add to it ? Or , should I run nolvadex at the end of my cycle....I don't have it yet but I "think" I can get it. I'll tell ya one thing , I don't get it......why are people even starting a cycle without having "ALL" the necessities in place ? Obviously your dieting schedule isn't even thought out if your cycle isn't. And you find yourself surprised when your gains are not what you hoped for , and you have the balls to say the gear sucked. Maybe , just maybe "YOU" sucked at properly planning your cycle !! anyone home ??
    Please.....if your going to complain about your sources gear and post here that you think you got scammed.....I ask you , take a long hard look in the mirror and ask yourself........where have "I" failed to listen to the advice , opinions and experience of people here on the board ? Isn't that why you logged on here in the first place ? If you ask a question and do only what you want to do....was a question really asked ? "NO"!!
    Be a retard all your life if you want !! The definiton of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results...think about that for a moment..........
    I think all you guys who come here with your pipe dreams of being big on the first cycle without planning your Diet , training , cycle , sleeping , nutrition etc, are making your first HUGE mistake. Steroids are "NOT" a miracle drug like you young guys think !! The second mistake is playing GOD.........this is not a game , this is serious shit here and if you don't take it serious your heading for huge trouble. READ , READ ,READ....LISTEN , LISTEN , LISTEN....THINK , THINK , THINK...PLAN your cycle out and then run it by someone experienced and then make sure you have all your gear in your posession before you stick that first needle in your ass !

    Peace Ozzy
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