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Thread: 6 oxo

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    6 oxo

    Just wonderin what all of u think about 6oxo as an anti-E. If u guys think it is good, should i still take any other anti e with it.
    Just started 3rd cycle yesterday.

    inject once every 4 days:
    cycle #3
    400mg EQ every 8 days week 1-10
    500mg aratest2500 8 days week 1-10
    ???anti E's
    possible anavar weeks 5-10 ed
    clomind week 12-14

    Just let me know what use think, remeber i statred yesterday the 24th , so i need to know soon, i can get any product needed so dont hold back.
    thanx guys...peace

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    My brother ordered some not too long ago.. He hasnt taken it yet. I would say it's not as potent as nolvadex and clomid b/c it's over the counter.. I wouldnt mess with it right now, get some nolv and clomid since you are running 500mgs of test.

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    I think Big-G is on it, maybe he's got some input. But if it's o/c i would have to agree and presume it's less potent then clomid.

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    yep, im runnin like 4-6 pills a day with 50mg of dbol just for 2 weeks tho. Once i get the rest of my shit i would need the "good" anti-e's. As far as its effectiveness,, i do have bloating,, acne and some pitting adema in the ankles but no signs of gyno. It probably was NOT WORTH IT, just get the real shit to go with the real shit. BIG-G

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    I remember reading an article where Pat Arnold stated that he does not suggest using 6-oxo as an anti-e with aromatising gear because it is not designed for that usage. It was intended to accompany 1-test not real gear.

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