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    south of the border at laredo

    anyone who crosses at laredo with any advice pm me. thanx bros

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    Just got back from laredo... walked across hired runner to bring the stuff for us...when we walked back we got strip searched in fucking daylight in this little room that the fucker brought is in....he made me lift up my pants lift up my shirt untuck my pockets....take off shoes...after he moved on to my friend i dropped my pants and he looked at me like i was stupid....i forgot to check here sir...and he handed us our liscense and cell phones and keys and we got the fuck out

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    If you look like you lift at all, I wouldn't even try walking across in Laredo. I know a lot of people who have been "strip searched" coming across. Make sure you buy something, little trinkets, to bring across - just look like a tourist.

    Be careful... sometimes it's worth it just to pay a little extra and have one of the vet's assistants walk it across for you.

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    I got some advice for you.... DON'T GO.

    Bad bad memories.....

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    take the extra time to drive do progresso or even better madamorse. Sorry i dont know how its spelled. These places are verry crouded onthe weekends so they dont have time to search as hard.

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