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    Post cycle recovery by bigbiceps

    I found this over at anabolic board, i think it´s a good read.

    I finally got a few days at home and wanted to pass along what I have learned from some of the best athletes and Doctors who work with athletes in the US.

    Now, before the I went back to active duty Marine Corps, I was competing to get that IFBB card. And in my endeavors, I learned that if I was going to be a pro, I was going to have to stay "on" year-round. That's what I did. I stayed on for several years straight. I was looking massive, got up to 245 @ anywhere from 4-5% and felt great. I was winning shows and was even communicating regularly with several well known IFBB pro's.

    Everything was in line until I got a routine physical which included labwork. The next day I get a call from my doc who said "man you need to get in here quick." As soon as I got there, they immediately drew more blood, and this time had it rushed to the local hospital for emergency testing. The results:
    LDL WAAAAAAY over 200
    HDL in the teens
    Triglicerides beyond belief!

    I was literally in the "worst best shape" of my life. I was facing a heart attack, stroke, arthersclerosis and heart disease. Not good news for the future.

    At this point, I began some serious changes to my diet and AAS usage thanks to several TOP notch docs and an IFBB pro who I respect a great deal.

    What did I do? Well, first off let me dispell the myth that all pro's use all year. That is simply not true. In fact, the pro I know cycles just like the rest of us. But, this guy has great genetics, and trains like a mad man. The rest of the pro's actually do stay on year-round. Again, not smart!

    The AAS changes:
    8 WEEKS ON = 8 WEEKS OFF!!!!!! No exceptions!
    In the last week of the cycle 2,000IU HCG was injected I.M 3 times per week for three weeks.
    Also, 20mg Nolvadex is included for six weeks.
    I know many will say "that's too much HCG." NOT!!! The doc I know who works with all these big names sometimes has to use upwards of 7,500 iu 3X week for 3 weeks, 40mg Nolvadex and 100mg Clomid as well. If it's really bad, factrell may be added.
    Also, let's put this "it's too much HCG" into context. If you are on HRT, you only will get a 200mg shot of test cyp every two weeks. That is a clinical dose of test. What do we use? 1,000mg PER WEEK! So, let's shitcan the "it's too much HCG" theory.

    The Diet change:
    I don't know if you all know this or not, but carbs are most of the time the root of the fucked up lipids problem. (As well as Armidex, Femara and Winstrol ) In fact, many guys I know eat tons of red meat with little carbs and have normal lipid panels. It is when you add in too many carbs that shit can go from bad to worse.
    The 8 weeks off diet:
    For 8 weeks you will need to considerably cut carbs down to around 60 per day while keeping your protein intake high and your GOOD fats intake moderate. I know, how am I going to grow like this? Guess what? YOU'RE NOT! Remember, you were "on" for 8 weeks to grow. Now, you're "off" for 8 weeks to recover. In bodybuilding, you are either building mass or cutting. There is no in between. Sorry.
    Last, after 4-5 weeks of being "off" coupled by your new eating habits, your lipid panel should fall well within the normal range. I hope this helps. Please add to this thread any and all helpful information.

    Here´s the whole thread -

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    Approaching Nirvana.
    Interesting- bump.

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    Very Interesting. Bump.

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    Only intakeing 60 carbs ed isn't healthy IMO. When I go that low I feel like i'm going to pass out.

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    Not sure - move a lot.
    I believe this also depends on overall muscle mass... someone, say my size, might do ok with 60 carbs and still have some energy...someone twice that size would probably need to increase it due to their normal daily calorie burn activities... When trying to cut I normally just go with how my body feels, unless trying to do extreme dieting.

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