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    cycle what do u think

    I am 23 5ft9 173 this will be my 5th cycle
    1-8 test propionate 100mg eod
    1-15 primobolan 200-300mgweek
    8-15winny 50mgday
    my last cycle i did sustanon and deca and twords the end of the cycle i started to get a lump behind one of my nipples it is still there but not as bad
    i have nolvadex ,proviron ,and clomid
    should i take nolvadex, or proviron the hole time i am on the test and should i start the clomid 3 days after my last test shot. I am just real woried about gyno does propiotate convert highly to estergin, and if i take the nolvadex eveyday will i get a rebound and maybe get gyno

    is there a safer test out there that is less likely to cause gyno
    thanks all

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    bro i think you should run a test all the way through your cycle...and i would either run primo or eq...and i would run them at 400mg per the clen for after your cycle bro...and maybe use the winny only for 5 weeks...7 is a bit much.....i would also think about using a longer acting ester such as cyp or enathate...but if not run it like this

    test prop 100mg eod (1-12)
    eq 400mg (1-12)
    winny 50mg (10-15)
    clen post cycle 2 weeks on 2 weeks off...

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