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    Natural Testosterone

    I'm 18 years old and have been considering using steroids , but i've been tryin to do as much research as possible before i make a decision. Hopefully this will help anyone who is in the same situation as me or anyone who just wanted to learn sumthin regarding natural test. production.

    What is Testosterone?
    The primary male horomone in the body.(hopefully ya already knew that) It is responsible for muscle-development, the shape of the body, hair production, sex drive, deepending of voice, and so on...

    How is testosterone produced?
    The hypothalamus sends a signal to the pituitary gland at the base of the brain, which in turn produces a several other chemicals which stimulate the production of testosterone in the testes. If the pituitary gland receives a signal saying that the testes are producing an abundance of test, it will in turn produce less of its chemichals, which will slow the testes production of testosterone.

    What is the normal level of testosterone?
    The natural level of testosterone is somewhere between 290 and 900 ng/dl (nanograms per deciliter) for a male between the ages of 20 and 60, however it is significantly higher in someone younger than that. Testosterone can be measured by a simple blood test, low testosterone (known scientifically as "hypogonadism") is a condition in which depression, muscle loss, etc... are caused by a lack of testosterone(usually 350 ng/dl or lower is considered hypogonadism, however it depends on the physicians judgment). Interesting Fact: Testosterone levels are highest in the early morning hours.

    Why should young people avoid steroid use?
    A young persons body(if they are in good genetic health) is producing a very high rate of testosterone already, by using steroids you are limiting your genetic potential by cheating yourself of all that natural test you were already going to produce. In addition, some steroids have been shown to reduce the amount of natural HGH that the body produces... Nolvadex for example has been shown to lower natural HGH production by 50% in those who use it(studies say that you would be safer using Teslac ).

    I'm not saying that a person who is 18 or 19 shouldn't take steroids, nor am i saying that it is okay for them too. Steroids DO HAVE SIDE-EFFECTS and are definitely more deprimental to a younger person. If you are a young person considering steroids i suggest you research alot and afterwards research some more. I know how tempting it is to dive right in and do them(that's where i'm at right now) but take the time to consider the potential risks before coming to a decision. Well that's all, i hope this helps somebody.

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    Good thread, studmuffin. If anyone asks me whether or not to take steroids at an early age, I always say "no" and recommend that they put on natural mass and get a little age on them before considering something like 'roids. Ideally, we should all get as big as possible naturally, and then if we want to get bigger after months or years of dedication, then consider a little extra help. But the goal should be health and life-long benefits, not short-term cosmetic benefits. Thanks for your concerting thread.

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    good thread.

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    good to see newbies giving info like this

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    I didn't know about the nolva's effect on HGH.

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    Good post Stud,

    It would be great if most guys your age were tuned in to what they can actually do naturally with proper weight training and diet. I would love to have my 18 y/o body back with what I know now. The priority is almost always backwards with the young guy's when thinking about juicing.

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