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    Question Steroids for losing fat ??

    I don't have the copywright, so take a look at this link...


    What do you think about it ?

    I've heard of Stanozolol properties of ripping of fat, but I thought it was a fake...

    And I've always thought : If you increase your lean mass, automatically you'll lower the bf... hehehe

    What do you think about those ??? (in the link)

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    the only AS proven to reduce adipose tissue other than as a side effect of inccreased muscle mass having an effect on weight loss is Anavar - so far as I know - winny does seem to elevate body temp tho and that may be some of the fat burning effect (thermogenic)

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    According to the studies cited at the website you posted, winny has a direct effect on adipose tissue.


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    This study has been the hot topic. Winny seems to have some interesting side benefits including helping to increase free test and possibly burning fat. Tren /winny/anavar for my next cutting cycle? Might have to try it.

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