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    Near cycle end w/clen question

    Hey guys,

    I am at week 11 of my first cycle. Everything great so far and happy with gains.

    wk 1-10 sust 250 500mg/wk
    wk 1-4 dbol 30 mg/ed
    wk 11-16 winny 50 mg/ed

    I am thinking of adding some clen with the winny for the fat burning assistance along with cardio and diet. But, after researching the threads, I have learned that clen is great post cycle for the anti-catabolic effects. So my question is, should I run the clen with the winny or after cycle? Which would be more beneficial?



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    Ive been confused recently about how to "cycle" clen . I just read this from elite today:
    Cycles usually last 6-12 weeks. After 2 weeks, the Beta-2 receptors down regulate and impairment of T4 to T3 conversion is impaired. Research shows that using it for two days on then two days off prevents attenuation. Apparently, clen has a half-life in the body of 48 hours making it pretty much irrelevant when you take it. This means that two days on, two days off, conserves the number of pills you use in a cycle rather than for receptor downgrade which occurs around two weeks. The three weeks off between cycles counterbalances the receptor downgrade; the two days on, two days off reduces the side effects since on the third day of two-on two-off the concentration is highest.

    In the past, i have always pyramid over a two week on two week off type program. I am curious about what people have to say about how they cycle it and why. SO, Bump!

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