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    Topical Testosterone...

    Hey fellas,

    My buddy who is on a deca /sust cycle, recently started using this Topical testosterone gel. He purchased it from his gear supplier, and was told "it worked." He rubs it on his fore arms the days he is not shooting sust. I do not know the name of it, but the box is yellow with black writing. Supposedly the Vitamin Shoppe sells it for $120.

    Has anyone on here used this product, if so what were the results?
    For the people who want to do a deca only cycle, is it possible this topical gel will maintain test levels so there would be no need for test injections?

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    thats topical stuff is shit and a waste of money its used for minor things at that dose it barely has no anabolic properties.ud have to use the whole tube ,every time.

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