Well bro's this will be my 8th and last week of primo and i most say that it is very good. I used it at 200mg because this is my first cycle and it worked very well i lost 7% body fat and got as hard as a rock i didn't see much size gain but i did lose alot of fat without losing in size. I will post my charts for you all to see after am done with it all. I have a bottle of winny made by illium and i was going to use it at the same time as the primo but i wanted to see what primo was really about. I wanted to ask you bros if i start the winny next week can i take the clen at the same time? Also i want to run the winny at 50mg eod and move the clen up one ed untill i get to five and then start over. Can i take them both for six weeks? I really want you bro's to help me out on this one and i most say that i love this bord and all the great bro's on it. Ever since i've been here i have only experienced (sp) lots of great help and tips....Thanks