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Thread: Spectro winnie?

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    Spectro winnie?

    A buddy of mine just got some spectro winnie and he didn't know if it wsa real or fake and I didn't either. I was wondering if anyone has heard of that company. It didn't look real to me, no hologram, no there any way to tell if the stuff inside is real. Can you take a cc out and let it sit to see if it seperates?
    Any help is greatly appreciated

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    what is the expiry date? spectro doesnt go by that name any more they are called quest pharma now. i would see if it separates my guess is the stuff is real there are no couterfits of spectro that i know of but its probably and old bottle.

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    Spectro was an underground lab from Canada. There gear was good in the past. Like youg'un said they have changed names I have heard both LFC and Quest.

    What is the expiry date and lots numbers on the spec winnie. There is still some spectro gear lingering around, but not for long.
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